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Learn The Steps To Inspire!

Learn The Steps To Inspire!

Hi, my name is Ruben and I help successful entrepreneurs and leaders like YOU to activate their fighting spirit and achieve the next level in their career and life.

So often your daily stressors are all you can see but what really matters to achieve your goals falls out of sight: Your health, fitness and energy + the right focus to overcome any stressor and grow from it.

This lets you doubt your ability to be a role model for your team and family (hint: you’re not, if you don’t change).

You may have tried the gym, a personal trainer or running to relight the ATHLETIC FIRE from your 20ies but always lost the motivation. At work your lack of strength and focus shows in the way you get distracted and feel vulnerable in high-stakes meetings.

This is where I come in.

I help you rewrite your story by lifting your energy and collaboratively, channelling it towards your top priorities in business.


"Ruben realises how to steer the mind to a place where it's working at its strongest capacity. His analytical approach lets him see how to play into one's own strengths and circumvent or fix weaknesses. He knows how to create the highest energy levels. That made him a huge asset in leading the preparations of my professional fight team."

John Kavanagh
Coach of UFC Champion Conor McGregor & MMA World MMA Coach of the Year 2016, 2017

Dave's Story

On the way to getting his vertical to 30 million yearly revenue Dave Beaulieu turned extreme stress into extreme energy. How did he shift his mindset? By starting with his body first!


Jan's Story

Jan Graffelder doubled his company size from 15 to 30 employees. He had difficulties working with the new team constellations and felt tired...Did he turn it around?


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